Our operations personnel is at your disposal 24/7/365:


Phone: +49 2203 955 700
Email: ops(at)

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Executive Flights


Cargo & Courier


Air Ambulance

Our core business is air ambulance transportation, in our free capacity we support several specialised cargo flights. Organ transports, AOG parts, urgent courier flights, DGR are just to mention a few of our missions. Quick Air Jet Charter aquired in 2013 CCF manager airline to assist our clients with VIP flights.


Executive Charter

Expertise – Customer Orientation – Reliability

Our subsidiary CCF manager airline operates three aircraft in VIP configuration. We offer you individually tailored, fast and comfortable flights in our business jets to more than 2000 airports in Europe – directly to your destination and not to major airports located far away. With us, you’ll find what you can truly expect:

Cargo & Express Courier Flights

Our fleet offers perfect aircraft for urgent cargo goods.
Organ transports, AOG parts, urgent courier flights, DGR are just to mention a few of our missions.

Air Service Klausheide GmbH

Aircraft Maintenance

Our own Maintenance Organization ASK takes care of all maintenance tasks on our fleet and supports in its free capacity other airlines with their expertise.


Maintenance approvals:

Learjet 35/36/45/55/60

Air Ambulance

Bed-to-Bed Services for Worldwide Missions – Our fleet consists of 11 dedicated intensive and critical care air ambulance aircraft, available for flights worldwide 24/7/365. We are certified to transport adults as well as children and neonatal patients. Our aircraft are rigged with state of the art medical equipment and staffed with highly qualified medical personnel. We use professional aviation Stretcher Systems with a standard capacity of 8000 litres of oxygen. As safety is our major goal we disinfect our aircraft after each and every mission.

Critical Care Transport Service

Neonatal and Paediatric Transportation

Infection Control

Hamilton T1 / Intensive Care Ventilator

First German air ambulance operator who used the Hamilton T1 critical care ventilator; ASV, (S)CMV+/APVcmv, SIMV+/APVsimv, PCV+, SPONT, PSIMV+, APRV, DuoPAP, NIV, NIV-ST

ZOLL X Series / Monitoring System

ECG, SpO²,EtCO², NIBD, 3x IP, Temp., Bi-phase Defibrillator Ext. Pacemaker

I-STAT / Blood Gas Analyzer – handheld lab

An advanced, easy-to-use blood analyzer that provides our medical crews with access to lab-quality results in minutes for point-of-care testing.

pH, PCO2, PO2, Na, K, iCa, Glu, HCT – HCO3, TCO2, BE , sO2, Hb

Medical Equipment

The medical equipment on board of our aircraft meets the highest international standards and fits to the special needs of critical ill intensive care patients. Our modular system allows the transport of critical ill adults, children as well the transport of neonates with the highest level of care. As common in aviation all essential medical equipment is twice on board to ensure the safest way of travelling with patients in e.g. remote areas.

Medical Crew Training

Patient Simulation

Equipment Familiarisation

Crew Ressource Management

Security Training

Evacuation Exercise

Safety Briefing

It is mandatory for all Medical Crews to attend the ongoing training program. The mentioned contents are examples for the practical training sessions. Theoretical trainings in flight physiology, pharmacology, patient positioning / decubitus prophylaxis and case studies analysis are also committing.